Friday, October 18, 2013

The cream of the crop

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro (pink scarf on right) with a select group of OOIDA Safe Driving award recipients.

One doesn't have to stretch too far to see the humor in the fact that during the presentation of OOIDA Safe Driving Awards by FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro the audience was being pelted by rain and sleet.

OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer certainly didn't miss it.

"This weather isn't a big deal for people who drive a truck in all kinds of weather," Spencer said with a laugh. "No step for a stepper."

The OOIDA Safe Driving Award was developed because many drivers do not stay with companies year after year after year. And, in the absence of any program that recognized safe and responsible driving for all drivers, OOIDA developed its Safe Driving Award. 

Rather than focus on miles driven, the OOIDA Safe Driving Award -- sponsored by Shell Rotella -- recognizes years of safe driving. 

The collection of drivers presented with OOIDA Safe Driving Awards by Ferro had more than a few years under their collective belt. Try centuries.

The number of 10-, 20- and even 30-year awards was impressive. The 40-year awards were as well. But the coup d'etat was .... wait for it .... wait some more .... 62 years of safe driving. OOIDA Life Member John Taylor was recognized for 62 years worth of safe driving. 

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