Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fun and games

You could feel the truck show energy everywhere you looked on Saturday. This was especially true in the games area and in the pet oasis.

Pets, games and fun are the theme of a video captured and edited by truck show volunteer and friend of the LL staff, Glori Berkel.

You’ve got your small dogs, and one very large white poodle. There’s even a cat on a leash.

The kids in the play area had a lot of fun with the beanbag toss and face painting.

Those youngsters racing to the finish line are making that “creeper race” look easy. We tested those things out at headquarters, and we’ve got to say it was tough. Good job, guys.

Now, who’s that piloting the mini-truck and trailer near the end of the video? That must have been a fun way to get around the truck show.

Thanks for the video, Glori.

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