Saturday, October 19, 2013


My wing man, "Mini Me," judge-in-training, and daughter, Samantha Jones goes with me to lots of truck shows. She tends to lurk around long enough that I wind up putting her to work.

The past couple of years we've taken to calling her judge-in-training at Shell Rotella SuperRigs. She keeps me and the other judges in line and has taken to pointing out the finer points of trucks.

Her training paid off. Here at the Heart of America Trucking Show, she judged her first truck. I will say she nailed it.


  1. Congratulations on your recent promotion Sam !! You have a great mentor, Jamie has a keen eye..

  2. As Sam's "corporate boss" at SuperRigs', I have to say that her pedigree more than substantiates her qualifications as a judge! We are blessed to have her support at SuperRigs' and hope that by booking early, that we can count on her at the 2014 SuperRigs' event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the All-Star Race weekend. I promise to get her in the truck parade that takes place on the oval Friday night!

  3. Congratulations Sam! I am looking forward to getting the Jones' team back at SuperRigs in 2014 - this year in Charlotte is going to be the best SuperRigs event yet!